Communicate value in 5 seconds

When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, they only have a few seconds to decide whether to continue browsing. So we must convey what value this website can bring to them within 5 seconds.

In addition, our website also plays the role of “salesman”. Let visitors browse along the moving lines we have designed. In the process, they can gradually understand our strengths and advantages and start to consider the services we provide.

Regarding how to curate the right website information

  • Streamlined value proposition : Highlight your core values ​​and benefits on the homepage.
  • Clear call to action : Place a clear call to action on every page to guide visitors to the next step.
  • Attractive sales script : The website’s dynamic line itself is a sales script, allowing people to quickly understand your strengths and advantages during the browsing process.

An irresistible invitation to action

Don’t think that if you put an “appointment consultation” button on the website, everyone will click on it automatically. In fact, most people will choose to ignore these invitations to action until they have built up enough trust in you.

I suggest you give your visitors a reason Pakistan Phone Number List they can’t refuse, so they feel like they’re getting the benefit without having to pay anything. For example, create a course or gadget that potential customers need, exchange their contact information, and continue to cultivate a trusting relationship with them.

You can refer to how our client

  • Provision of free resources : such as free e-books, white papers or instructional videos.
  • Limited-time offers : Set up free consultations or discounts for a limited time to inspire visitors to take action.
  • Content subscription : Provide free membership registration services, allowing visitors to leave contact information and continue to provide valuable content.

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SEO optimized content layout

For a website to be able to “actively attract customers”, it must allow your potential customers to search for your website when they search for questions related to your services on Google.

Therefore, it is best for your website to be easily crawled and indexed by search engines and rank as high as possible. In addition to having a good program structure, this also requires correct SEO writing skills.

If you want to know how to increase your chances of getting free traffic through SEO writing, you can refer to my

  • Keyword research : Find keywords that potential customers often search for and incorporate them into your website content.
  • High-value content : Write in-depth and valuable articles that answer your potential customers’ questions.
  • Continuous creation and updating: Continuously create or update content and build a large number of expert brand digital assets.

Best practices for building an efficient website

My company specializes in assisting various professionals in building personal brand websites that attract customers. We not only help clients set up websites, but also provide complete expert brand building guides.

By setting up a website, what we are actually doing is to help professionals create “marketing messages that can attract customers” and create an “automated customer list acquisition system” with the website as the core.

And we not only help you build good tools, but also help you use this tool well. Therefore, in addition to setting up a website, wecan will also provide you with a set of expert brand guidance documents and follow-up expert consulting services.

Adopt WordPress system to set up

When building a website, I most recommend using WordPress to build a website, because WordPress is still the king of SEO. It also has a complete ecosystem and a large amount of free teaching. Looking for wecan to help you set up a WordPress personal website has the following benefits:

Important plug-ins do not require additional payment :

WordPress provides a lot of plug-ins to improve website performance and SEO, but most of them require additional payment. In order to serve customers, I directly purchased many important plug-ins in large quantities and provided them for free for customers to use, such as:

  • Elementor Pro, the most used page editor
  • The most powerful cache plug-in WP Rocket
  • The most powerful SEO plug-in Rankmath Pro

Personal brand building strategies for professionals :

Setting up a website is not the goal, acquiring customers and enhancing personal brand value is. Therefore, we provide customers with Australia Phone Number a complete professional personal brand management guide, as well as professional consultant guidance, so that you have direction and can find someone to ask at any time, so you will not be alone. The guide includes:

  • Learn to position your own service value
  • How to write SEO content that can be searched by customers
  • How to get an accurate list of potential customers
  • How to close customers through automated sales promotion system
  • How to run Google keyword ads to introduce precise traffic
  • How to close potential customers through free consultation

Knowledge realization system

If you want to further increase your service volume or monetize your professional knowledge on a large scale, you need a knowledge monetization system that can achieve automation and scale.

Our website system can help you realize functions such as online streaming course sales, paid or free live broadcasts, paid online consultation, regular fixed payment subscription membership, etc., greatly increasing the value of your services.

  • Online audio and video course sales : Provide systematic online courses so that your professional knowledge can be monetized.
  • Online live broadcast events : Hold paid or free online live broadcasts to interact with the audience.
  • Online appointment consultation : Provide paid one-to-one online consultation service.
  • Subscription membership mechanism : Establish a regularly paid membership system to provide continuous professional support.

Regarding personal websites, what I want to say is…

wecan has assisted many experts with unique professions, including lawyers, nutritionists, physical therapists, pharmacists, lecturers, consultants, coaches, and real estate agents, to build expert brands so that more people can see them and adopt their valuable services. People etc.

So if you are also a craftsman with unique expertise and want to gain more business or enhance brand value by establishing an expert brand. I think having an efficient personal website is an essential step.

wecan provides comprehensive services and consultants to help you establish and operate an expert brand website. If you want to know more, you can click on the link below to participate in our regular free online lectures, or make an appointment with me for a 1-on-1 consultation to start Your expert brand journey.

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