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 Video Its a powerful component of a content strategy. It can have a big impact on engagement. Analytics… Its how we know the behavior of our visitors. It can inform decisions for everbetter performance. But how do you track video views in Analytics More specifically how do you track embd YouTube videos using GA4 This post gives you stepbystep instructions for using GA4 to measure the impact of your YouTube videos in your content marketing program. Confirm that video views are being track in GA4 Create a quick GA4 exploration

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With nonviewers Example of analysis using the data from that GA4 exploration If youd like to sit back and watch rather than read heres everything in a video Note this process is specifically for tracking YouTube video performance in GA4. We believe that YouTube is the best place to host and b2b email list stream content marketing videos for several reasons. To track visitor interactions with embd Vimeo videos (or other video players) youll ne to use Google Tag Manager and a library specific to your video player. Follow these

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New window. Lets confirm that GA4 is tracking your YouTube videos Good news! GA4 unlike Universal Analytics tracks YouTube video views by default at least for embd YouTube videos. No setup is requir. No ne to use Google Tag Manager. Krista Seiden Founder KS DigitalOpens a new window I love this because I think it helps to democratize  CY Lists data and ensure consistent tracking across websites for video tracking and other Enhanc Measurement events. With Explore reports such as Funnels and Freeform you can take this

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