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Place you can unlock a whole new level of insights into how video impacts and improves content marketing. By using exploration reports and even developing audiences bas on videos watch you can perform multiple levels of analysis that werent readily available in Universal Analytics. How to measure the impact of video using a GA4 exploration The impact of video on a content strategy is happier visitors. When visitors spend more time on a page we can measure that in GA4. Videos may also make your brand more memorable and

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Those arent things that show up in Google Analytics reports. So well settle for website engagement. Step 1 Click on Exploration > Blank Exploration. Its always nice to start fresh. Step 2 In the top left name the exploration. Ill  business email list call mine Video Impact. Step 3 Click the + next to DIMENSIONS search for and select the Page path and screen class dimension then click Import Step 4 Click the + next to METRICS the search for and select Sessions Engagement rate and Average engagement time per session metrics then click Import

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Rate because its more meaningful than the old bounce rate metric. If you ne a benchmark our research found an average engagement rate of 55% across all traffic sources. screenshot  CY Lists of the free form report in GA4 Step 5 Drag and drop the Page path dimension into the ROWS box and all of your metrics into the VALUES box screenshot of the GA4 report Now youre looking at a report showing the pages with videos as rows and the activity on those pages as columns. Thats nice but really were trying to measure how video

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