9 Major Insights From The 2023 Global Marketing Playbook

The world is changing fast, and in the digital scenario that we live in nowadays, growing beyond national limits can be a good idea to reach more people and deliver not only your content globally, but also your solutions. As a result the impacts of a global brand can be positive not only for businesses but also for many other people around the world.

Preparation Going Global Requires

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The whole team needs to be aligned to drive the entire strategy towards success. However, each region needs to have its specificity, since its persona, linguistic, historical and cultural aspects are different. Besides these differences, keeping the team engaged, collaborative and efficient is a must, since the objective here is to reach the business goal.

Talking about business goals, each company will have its own. The priorities may change according to the scenario and Whatsapp Data regions. Some examples are: customer retention, growth, profitability, market share and so on… for each of these, you can think of different content formats and depth of content.

If the objective is customer retention, for example, investing in user interface, customer and advocacy marketing can be a good starting point.

To make it all happen, the team needs to be ready and available not only to plan a content strategy but also to create the assets needed. It can be challenging in terms of workforce, so this is where tools that are globally available come in, and can help you work more efficiently. A good example is WriterAccess, a content creation platform that connects businesses with expert freelancers to create high quality content.

Planning Having The Strategy

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Objectives and to Break Into Smaller Smart Goals. Where Do You Want Your Business to Be? What Are the Metrics You Need to Crunch in Order to Get There? A Nice Way to Do It is by Making an Inverted Funnel Analysis: if We Need to Have $100,000 Per Month, We Need to Have X Sales Opportunities, That CY Lists Needs to Have X Mqls Coming From X Leads That Converted From X Visits. This is Just an Example.

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