How AI and ChatGPT Will Affect SEO on Google

Recently, the discussion around the future of SEO has been incomplete without addressing the rise of AI, specifically ChatGPT. But what does this AI ChatGPT buzz truly entail and how will it impact Google’s SEO moving forward? As a marketer, it’s important to understand the potential of this technology and its practical applications.

Can Google identify ChatGPT-created content

Another concern many people have regarding AI ChatGPT and its implications is for the content production sector.

People are voicing concerns that low-effort marketers will fill sites with AI-generated content and snag top SERP rankings out of websites that work hard to deliver genuine value.

However, while ChatGPT is definitely capable of creating coherent content on a variety of topics, human content creators don’t have much to worry about.

ChatGPT can string a sentence together and regurgitate information, but it’s not capable of digging very deeply into most topics.

It’s certainly not capable of imbuing content with the emotion and unique points of view of human writers.

But can Google actually tell the difference between human-generated content and AI-generated content from ChatGPT? The Whatsapp Database answer is “yes, but no.”

There are already numerous AI detection programs out there, although – like ChatGPT itself – they’re not perfect or 100 percent accurate across the board.

However, Google has always been ahead of the game when it comes to detecting questionable SEO practices designed to game the system, and it continues to be.

AI-generated content posted “as is” without any human editing or fact-checking will almost certainly run into the same snags low-quality content written by humans does, likely resulting in penalties.

Google will continue to evolve in response to the emergence of AI-written content, just as it has with new challenges in the past.

Digital marketers, content creators, and SEO professionals can reasonably expect new features and algorithm changes that directly address quality issues and ensure a more ethical approach.

How AI and ChatGPT Will Affect SEO on Googl

SEO professionals have been eagerly embracing ways to automate marketing tasks for years now, and with good reason.

Even the most efficient marketing team can’t personally handle every task, so most focus on the ones that absolutely CY Lists require a human touch and leave the rest to technology.

That said, ChatGPT simply isn’t efficient enough to handle the bulk of a company’s content production tasks thanks to its lack of personality and human discernment.

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