How to make your practice appear on the first page of Google

Whenever we receive new clients here at Pipe, a question always comes up in the initial meeting: And the answer to that couldn’t be any other: good SEO practices! What is SEO and how does it make your website appear on the first page of Google. SEO is a term that means Search Engine Optimization, or in Portuguese. For example, you know when you search for on Google and several results come up. So, the sites that appear at the top use SEO techniques to gain that prominence. that is, a freelancer is hired for a one-off service, while a virtual assistant can be hired for one-off or recurring services.

These techniques make Google read

Understand that this is RELEVANT CONTENT and that it respects good practices on the internet. That is, that site is relevant and safe for consumers. Firstly, you can choose your own Canada Mobile Number List projects and schedules. Which gives you great flexibility in your everyday life. Now that you have an idea of ​​what SEO is and what it’s for. Check out our tips to write a good blog article and start appearing in the first search results.

Website appear on the first page of Google

It is basically a set of techniques and strategies that we use to make a website appear in the top positions on Google. It is worth remembering that in some cases working as a freelancer can CY Lists also be called a virtual assistant. Since the jobs performed can be the same, but what differentiates them is in relation to time. SEO techniques are used both in the construction of your website pages. Home, contact, who am I and in your blog articles. By the way, blog articles are one of the best ways to organically boost your website to the first page of Google.

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