The payment frequency is monthly

Care allowance for children up to one and a half years of age after adoption.
The amount of the allowance depends on the account from. Which the parents receive the payment and is paid in % of the average income. Also known as care allowance for up to one and a half years. The payment amount is and depends. On the child’s account where the family receives the payment.

Care allowance for children under one and a half years of age after adoption.
The formula for calculating. The benefits for children under one and a half years: benefit = average daily income x % x .

To calculate your average daily earnings

you must add your wages for the past two years (years and annual earnings, respectively) and divide by (number of days ).

until the child is one and a half years old. Learn Belarus WhatsApp Number List more about receiving benefits for up. to one and a half years: what are the maximum and minimum benefits, what you need to do to get benefits, how to calculate your average daily earnings.


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To apply, you will need to contact your employer to apply for paid parental leave.

Maternity capital at the time of adoption

Is available to the first child and subsequent children in a amount of rubles. At the same time, fertility capitals were in many regions. Therefore, in order to determine how to obtain it. you need to refer to be sure CY Lists to the legislation of the subjects of the russian federation. Learn about the conditions for obtaining maternity funds for first, second and third births.

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