Web usability The keys to improving the user experience

Web design, properly understood, is key when tackling a  web project. It must be considered from the point of view of the user experience. It is the showcase of our company, product or service. For this reason, it must respond from the Web usability first moment to the digital marketing objectives that we have set ( conversions , requests for more information…). Let’s look at the Google search engine. It is perhaps the most effective website. Just a box where we can write what we want to find and a button to find it. Before proposing a website, we must ask ourselves what the client wants. Click to tweet What is web usability? web usabilityUsability is the ease.

Reasons to improve  Web usability 

with which users can use a particular tool or any other manufactured object in the process of achieving a particular goal . When we talk about web usability we are referring to the ease with which people can use a web page and find what they are looking for. Simplicity, simplicity and effectiveness: Key concepts in web usability Satisfaction, simplicity and effectiveness are the three concepts executive data that we must always keep in mind when defining a website and its design. Efficiency: how easily we can get what we are looking for within the site. That is, how long it takes a user to achieve one of the objectives that we have previously defined. For example, reaching a product file in an online store, filling out a form, etc. Speed: how much time we need to find what we are looking for. Satisfaction : how pleasant the experience with the page is for the user throughout their navigation.

Main principles of web usability

Users, when browsing a website, do not want to think. Let’s not force them to do it. CLICK TO TWEET Obviousness must guide the design of a website. The user does not feel like thinking, therefore, let’s not make him think. Let’s make things as easy as possible for you. Reasons to improve web usability The user is in a hurry when browsing. You visit hundreds of pages every time  CY Lists  you browse and are not willing to stop at any one for longer than necessary. Because there are thousands of competitors offering the same thing, or practically the same thing, and they are on the next page. Because if browsing our website is a real gymkhana, no one will browse . Main principles of web usability. On a website, when we try to highlight everything, we do not highlight anything. Click to tweet To achieve adequate web usability it is necessary to meet a series of premises.

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