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First person habits of successful and rich people
Time is on useless activities. And that’s everything that has nothing to do with work or home life. Business takes up most of my day. The rest of the time I like to spend with my kids. I love being with them, watching them grow, answering their questions, chatting, relaxing together or doing outdoor activities: I love traveling with them, climbing mountains, swimming. And I’m not at all in going to bars, restaurants (didn’t have this habit, and drinking) etc. I pursue a healthy lifestyle – I have such a habit since I was a child: then I fell in love with taekwondo.

Also, on the subject of time, I’d rather not waste it with people who aren’t in me or professionally.

Evolving constantly

Compare to the list of successful people, I can say that I have Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List also read a lot in my life – since childhood. Drink. Anything that looks interesting. , now I hardly read fiction, more about professional topics.

I believe that self-development should always be present in life and work. For m


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e personally, discovering an unknown, new business direction is an adventure. I am not afraid of the future, because I always believe in my own strengths and abilities, and fully evaluate the first and second. For the sake of the mission – I am ready to “Plow” as much as necessary in order to get the “Here and now” I need.

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To not give up
The difficulty or the pressure scares me a bit, I’m to it, I’ve been through a lot over the years. The most important thing is not to give up. Analyze, prioritize, think and act. And be sure to alternate work and leisure be sure CY Lists to (I love skiing – I fly to the alps on weekends to ride in the mountains) – in my opinion, this is the key to the success of any business.

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