12 Vital KPIs for MSPs to Measure and Track

Often, when we talk about “growth” of an MSP,.  we also talk about increasing revenues, improving process.  efficiency and increasing the quality of services provid. But you can’t talk about growth if you don’t know exactly what is growing,.  how much it is growing or if the actions taken to fuel this growth are really working. That’s why when looking to grow your MSP business,. it’s best to develop a data-driven strategy and monitor trends over time . Ten times out of ten, data-driven decisions will.  outperform choices bas on intuition or instinct. 

Productivity KPIs

But what does it mean to rely on data? It means selecting a few activities or elements that you think. are important for your company to monitor and latest database setting numerical. goals for those activities. Essentially, we use what are call KPIs or Key Performance Indicators . Do you already know what the most important KPIs are for you and your business? Choosing the. right metrics to monitor is essential if you want to: increase efficiency. maximize your profit potential; improve the quality of your work. But not all metrics are creat equal.

Average resolution time

So, how do you determine what your KPIs are? There are three areas of KPIs for MSPs , each of which includes. a variety of metrics that can help you track performance and growth potential. While different MSPs may choose to focus on certain.  KPIs over CY Lists others, the main areas are: productivity customer experience.  profitability Below, we’ll break down these three areas and talk about . 12 KPIs that are typically measur by MSPs . Productivity KPIs Measuring your company’s productivity KPIs will help . you ensure an efficient team, quality customer service and optimal resource utilization. Tracking these KPIs can also provide insight.  into which areas of the business could be made more productive. through new processes and technologies. 

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