Attraction, capture and conversion for the automotive market

The automotive market has a well-defined business rule, which determines the entire process of selling a vehicle. Dealerships have learned that following this rule involves very clear steps for attracting.  Attracting and converting opportunities. In such a competitive market, there is no room for disorganization. These stages make up a clear customer journey, in which the dealership needs to lead them to the final point, which is closing the deal. Of course, this “final point” does not exist, the goal is always to keep you loyal. What you need to attract, capture and retain leads. There are tools that can help your dealership in guiding the customer through the purchase journey. Lead Force, which is a digital marketing company specialized in the automotive market, develops and works with specific tools for this.


Attracting is the act of bringing

Check out: Attraction the customer to you when we talk about the customer journey, the first step is to attract the customer to you. And how can you do this. First, you need a quality website . Pages that present clear information, images and are attractive. Lead Force works both with Premium Sites that follow the automaker’s standard, and are also responsive. Everything to ensure that Belize WhatsApp Number List your digital presence is reliable. Landing pages are also important for attracting customers. Also called conversion pages, they are designed with the goal of converting, so it’s a minimum of information and a form. Lead Force’s landing pages are also responsive and follow the automaker’s standard, and are designed precisely to ensure the highest possible conversion rate.



Lead Force developed

For this case, the which allows a 360º view of the vehicle and is integrated with other tools.  For this, what are the main practices. Ads are published in different parts of the internet, such as social networks. Google or others. Although they seem to be easy, bringing a relevant return on investment is much more complex, it requires a quality team that is experienced in using the tool. Lead Force works with ads from Meta, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google . An important tool that Lead Force developed to help with uptake was . It is a virtual stock CY Lists integrator, which works integrated both with advertisements  and with the Portal.

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