8 best digital marketing and social media books that you should read

Vacation. Sun, beach, pool, beach bars, bars, mountains, disconnection, good books. 8 best digital marketing Time to forget about retweets, likes, conversions and organic traffic. September will come and we will resume day to day life. Although in reality, if you are a community manager, you will well know that disconnecting is practically impossible . Social networks are always open. Users want immediacy. So, if you have chosen this profession, you will have to get used to sharing your lounger with the iPad. However, we can take advantage of our rest days to read a good book. And if you are passionate about social media , you will surely pack some books on the figure of the community manager or digital marketing. 8 essential #DigitalMarketing and #SocialMedia books to read. #RecommendedReadings CLICK TO TWEET Before going on vacation for a few days, I want to recommend.

 Monitor social networks  8 best digital marketing 

How to monitor social networks Book How to monetize social networksPedro Rojas and María Redondo are the authors of this must-read book if you are dedicated to social media. A manual that will help you explain to your clients how optimal social media management can help them improve their bottom line. In this book, easy to read and with great valuable content, you will find abundant  company data information on essential tools, processes and strategies with which to generate the desired monetization. In addition, it will help you avoid certain   typical beginner mistakes. Knowing about social networks is relatively easy with training, practice and experience, but knowing how to monetize them is not so easy. 

The great book of the community manager

She is the author of this essential manual to know the main SEO factors and, in this way, increase the performance of a web page or online store. It is not an advanced book. Rather, a must-read book for those CY Lists  who are starting their online project and want to improve their presence in cyberspace. Among other aspects, in this book Solis explains what SEO is and why, how to establish an SEO process, how to develop a keyword study, how to technically optimize a website so that it is search engine friendly, how to improve the popularity of a website. website or how to measure results. A quick read book that should always be on hand. If you want to purchase a copy.

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