What is Website Speed ​​and How to Improve It

Web page speed (also called “web loading time” or “web loading speed”). What is Website measures how quickly the content of a page loads. From an SEO point of view, increasing the speed of your website is essential. Improving the speed of your website depends on many factors, such as your hosting or the size of your page. It is also important to analyze the web loading time on desktop and mobile, because it usually differs. In this article, you’ll discover how website speed affects SEO, find tools to measure it, and learn ways to improve it. Why is Page Speed ​​Important for SEO? Calculating the loading time of a website is important, because it is a confirmed positioning factor.

On desktop and mobile computers

In other words: A fast loading time (along with other important signals) can lead to better positioning. The speed of a web page affects your positioning in Canadian Pharmaceutical Email List search engines, since slow websites negatively affect the user experience. In fact, the probability of a bounce (the user leaving the website) almost triples if your page takes more than three seconds to load, according to Google. Because there are many ways to measure loading time. (Check out some tools .) Let’s say a user types a domain into their web browser and hits “enter.” After a short time, the website loads. Sometimes the first thing the user sees is a blank page. A few milliseconds (or seconds) later, some elements appear. Maybe a block of text or an image.

At a certain time

The user can interact with the page. For example, you can press a button. While users wait and new elements load, the page content can move. Sometimes, by the time the CY Lists page loads completely, users have already found what they were looking for. Other times, they have given up and left the page. As you can see, while your website loads, many things happen and each of them, at a different pace. You can measure each of these events separately. That’s why we say that web page speed is not a single metric, but many. The most common page speed metrics are. What is Website : Time To First Byt (TTFB): time it takes for the page to start loading. First Contentful Paint (FCP).

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