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This expression will AD OR NOT Parentheses Quotes It has a strange name but it’s really simple. Here is a video that guides you through it. LinkIn Sales Navigator Boolean Search Tutorial – Create Qualifi Lead Lists (FAST) Export Sales Navigator leads for free Boolean can be us in places: the keyword and the job title search bar. where to use linkin sales navigator boolean search The global keyword search will look for the keyword into the whole profile: Description About Section Job experiences ucation Skills Recommendation in short, everything.

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Only look for your keywords into the current seo expate bd job experiences of your prospects present job experience tag Now let’s see how to use each boolean operator There are boolean operators you should know about: Quotes: to look for exact expression AND: to look for several keywords OR: to look for at least one keyword in a list NOT: to exclude keywords Parentheses: to combine AND, OR, NOT Here is a simple template you can follow for your boolean searches: (Seniority Keywords) AND (Function Keywords) NOT (Blacklist) Let’s say I am looking for decision makers in Sales and Marketing.

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The seniority relat keywords in the Cy Lists parenthesis: (VP OR “Vice-President” OR “V.P” OR “Vice President” OR Head OR Manager OR Chief) Then all the field relat keyword in the second parenthesis (Sales OR Marketing) And then all my blacklist in the last parenthesis (Assistant OR “Right Arm” OR Founder OR “Co-Founder” OR Cofounder) Then put all together into the same boolean query (VP OR “Vice-President” OR “V.P” OR “Vice President” OR Head OR Manager OR Chief) AND (Sales OR Marketing) NOT (Assistant OR “Right Arm” OR Founder OR “Co-Founder” OR Cofounder) look for a lot of job titles: VP Sales VP Marketing Head of Sales

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