Mistakes you can’t make when creating a business plan

If the plan is good and the execution is poor, tinkering and making adjustments will solve your problem. However, if the plan is bad, your entire sales year could go down the drain. No one, least of all you, wants that, right? That way, before putting your business planning into practice, make sure you have people capable of doing it: hiring a specialized consultancy will be worth every penny of your investment. Let’s go! To help you not fall into traps, I’ve listed some points of attention. SWOT Failing to do an honest SWOT of the company’s current scenario before drawing up the plan. Here we have to put aside the past and focus on the goals. Get rid of the ego. Responsibility Delegate the creation of commercial planning to inexperienced teams.


Even more serious is the failure

Establish someone responsible for this responsibility. Do not want to do at home what is not in your core business. Measuring results Stop measuring results. Here, “let life take me” is out of the question! It is necessary to have periodic meetings to check the results and prepare an action plan for each GAP. Thus, many companies for which DNA Honduras WhatsApp Number List de starts consulting have beautiful reports, but with data that do not indicate what is going well and what should be corrected, therefore, they do not clearly show the path to be followed. This is the same thing as leaving home to travel from Curitiba to Salvador with a broken fuel gauge. A great practice to have a consistent reading of the results of your operation is to start simply and define your KPIs (key performance indicators), which can be sales, average ticket, inventory, billing, churn, among many others.


Efficient sales operations use technologies

Having mapped all this, we recommend that you use tools to consolidate and measure your indicators. Efficient sales operations use technologies to get an accurate reading of what happens on a day-to-day basis. Setting goals Set confusing goals for the sales team. If your team wastes hours trying to understand how your result is, it’s time for a change. Sales CY Lists results must appear on a scoreboard, there must be competition: the seller at the end of the queue, when looking at his result, has to know that if he doesn’t accelerate, he won’t reach the goal. Don’t believe that, because your company is currently the best in the market, you are exempt from the obligation to evaluate the competition’s movements.

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