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Should I choose a foreign

mba program or a russian mba program?
The main value of training in the ranking of schools and Chile WhatsApp Number List mba programs in russia and around the world.
Is that students have the opportunity to directly receive practical advice from the best professionals in their field and analyze real cases.


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Theory plays a very indirect role in the educational process. Students can acquire most of their theoretical knowledge on their own by studying the literature. Natalya orlova, managing director of tdi group of companies, spoke about the importance of an mba for russian companies and which western management methods can be to domestic companies.

Mba – from english. Master of business administration – master of business administration, master of economic management. Qualifying msc in management (management).

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There is much debate about the necessity of an mba and its true Practical value for business. As someone with multiple mbas. I can say that this education is not urgently needed, but it has me a lot in my job. If we compare the experience of many of my colleagues. It turns out that those with an mba make decisions and act faster and. More efficiently than those without a business education. You can talk all you want about.sure CY Lists to competency, leadership qualities, etc., but there are fairly obvious management schemes, time-and in companies of all sizes and industries, that help optimize the process. Managers who have them have a distinct advantage over those who understand everything by trial and error.

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