The terms of passport replacement

Allotted to the issuance and time frame of issuance of passports are specified in the article. Federal law of the russian federation no. (date, month, year). They depend on the category of recipient and the place of application. The type of document being drafted is not important.

When a citizen applies to the general administration of the interior of the ministry of the interior at the place of permanent registration, the time for submitting the application shall not exceed one month. When applying at the same location (off-site), the period may be increased by up to a month.

If the recipient is someone who possesses important government information, the period for renewing the passport is greatly increased. The period set for them is months.

If needed urgently

This situation may arise when citizens urgently need to go abroad. Russian China WhatsApp Number List authorities have moved on in this situation. Federal law no. 1 of the russian federation establishes the following grounds allowing you to qualify for early re-enrolment:

It is required to go to a foreign clinic for treatment as soon as possible.


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Death or serious illness of a family member in another state.

How long does it take to renew

the passport in this case? If the citizen is able to submit a written confirmation of the reasons to the directorate general of internal affairs of the ministry of the interior, a new document will be issued to him within days. Expedited issuance is only available for legacy passports. Biometrics won’t be released anytime soon.

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