How much does it cost to replace a passport

When citizens intend to obtain a biometric passport, they will take a photo of the document directly at the directorate-general of internal affairs of the ministry of the interior, so that the applicant can fill out the questionnaire, x photos are . They can be in color or black and white. When applying for an old-style passport, a photo in the specified format must be .
questionnaire – in advance, or at the mfc or at the main department of home affairs of the ministry of home affairs (or on the national services website).
If the procedure is carried out in an manner, the applicant needs to provide additional documents for the replacement passport. In such cases, certificates confirming such rights will be . For example, death certificates of close relatives abroad.

Reissuance fee

You should pay the national fee before submitting the package for reissuing your passport. Its size is Cameroon WhatsApp Number List determined by art. Article 1 of the tax code of the russian federation. It depends on the type of document being drafted and the category of recipients.

Documents for replacing passports
The fees for replacing passports for children (under the age of 10) are:

Biometric passport – rubles. When applying through state service agencies – , rubles.


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Old sample passport – rubles. Public services – rubles.

for an adult:

For biometrics, you need to pay – thousand rubles. If through the state service – , rubles.
Old-style documents – rubles. To order at the state service – , rubles.
Those who submit applications through the national be sure CY Lists to service portal will only be able to save a certain amount when they make electronic payments within the site. You can do this with an e-wallet or bank card. If you upload the payment receipt paid at the bank, of course there is no discount.

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