Which needs to be reissued if the surname

For those who need to renew their passport due to the change of their surname, special attention should be paid to paragraph 1. Here you need to indicate new data and indicate the date of the change. Applicants are also to complete an additional appendix, which documents all information regarding data changes. If , all need to be .

In addition, form a – information on labor activities in the past year is to be

Download form a

If a person intends to receive an old style document and enter information about minor children in it – form b.

Download form b (appendix)

Download sample form b (appendix)

What documents are  for passport replacement – full list:

The applicant’s ordinary citizen passport.
Birth certificate (if the Cambodia WhatsApp Number List document was for a person under the age of 10).


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Passport needs to be . If lost or stolen, you will need a police certificate.
If you would like to register a child under the age of 1 with an old international passport (form b – above), please complete the questionnaire when registering the child under the age of 1.

Marriage certificate

is after marriage.
Document confirming the official change of the citizen’s main passport data (if this is the reason for the appeal).
Military id card (if available) – for male applicants residing in the russian federation between the ages of 1 and 2.
Command license by the government of the russian federation (applicable to military personnel of the russian federation and federal executive agencies providing military service, except for conscripts).
Information on place of work (service, study) in be sure CY Lists to the past year (form a).
Payment receipt confirming payment of national tax for passport replacement.

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