Depending on the reason for re-registration

If a citizen intends to receive a biometric passport, in any case, he needs to go to the general directorate of internal affairs of the ministry of the interior for a photoshoot after the application is approved. You will also need to collect your passport at the immigration Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List department. If a citizen needs an old-style id, there is no need to go to the door to take a photo, just convert the photo of the required size into an electronic format and upload it to your personal account on the website. But you need to go to the headquarters of the ministry of internal affairs to confirm the legality of the document. Applying for passport renewal through the state service has two advantages:


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First, once the documents have been , the applicant will receive an email stating the exact time of visit, I.E. You do not have to queue.
Secondly, a % discount is available when paying the state tax directly on the portal (the amount of the state tax is at the end of the article).

What documents are

, the requirements for applicants vary slightly. First, it concerns the information in the application form (questionnaire). Whether renewing or issuing a passport for the first time, citizens must meet the following requirements:

This document is in a standard form

Only russian is .
Written or letters are .
For biometric passports, information is in uppercase letters, and for legacy passports, information is in lowercase letters.
Inking, corrections, strikethroughs, gross spelling errors are not acceptable.
The form has a face.
Download the application form for persons over be sure CY Lists to the age of 10 to obtain a foreign passport (question form.

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