How to apply for a pension

Information on the personal account of the person is a document by. The pension fund of the russian federation, from which you can find out how many pension points a person has, how many years of service he has. How much he has paid premiums to the pension fund and other pension information.

There are certain reasons for lowering the retirement age of citizens. These grounds relate to his having prior experience: teaching or medical experience, or experience. Working in the far north, in hazardous and dangerous working conditions, etc. See the article for more details: early retirement in russia.

To apply for a pension

you must make an application for a pension appointment Belize WhatsApp Number List with the financial intelligence unit or financial center and attach some necessary documents. Their list is on the official website of the financial intelligence unit. Also, the application can


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be sent by mail, but this option is less than ideal because if there is an error with the application, the application will be sent back by mail, which will take extra time.

The problem of citizens is often

getting the pension they deserve. When he to the be sure CY Lists to russian federation pension fund, he was . Reasons for refusal can be various: the citizen has not retirement age, does not have enough experience, does not have the  pension points, etc.

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