How to issue a list of products

You can determine the set of dairy cuisine that you want to receive from a pediatrician or therapist in advance. These doctors will determine the foods that may be for children or women. In most cases, some products that lead to the development of allergic manifestations become .

In which regions of Russia the program is

It is not possible to apply for a dairy kitchen through the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List State Services or in any other way in all regions. So, dairy cuisine in Moscow and the Moscow region is through the Mosreg website, which adapts all possible social services for citizens. For the region, the most voluminous sets are.

Dairy cuisine in Tver


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List of cities with dairy cuisine
The number of addresses for companies to the activities of dairy kitchens is in brackets. Source:

It is noteworthy that in some

regions there are no kitchens at all. But young mothers and newborns are not of such an opportunity, so the local municipality provides for the issuance of cards or monetary compensation. For example, in St. Petersburg and the be sure CY Lists to Leningrad

Region issuance of cards is , on. Which funds are to spend them on the purchase of milk.

Each region decides independently whether they will practice the social. Assistance in full, or certain groups of people will be monetary compensation.

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