Who is eligible for a birth certificate?

Expectant mothers need to know exactly what a birth certificate is and why they are in order to enjoy all the social benefits enacted under the scheme. Here are the following possibilities:

Ultrasound and ctg during pregnancy free of charge in lcd;
General blood tests, urine, feces, necessary mucous membrane smears in lcd and maternity hospitals (this applies to the examination of children in children’s clinics); in lcd
And maternity hospitals offer more complex blood tests – hiv, hepatitis, glucose tolerance test;
Free laboratory analysis at an early stage to detect genetic diseases of the fetus and predisposition to congenital diseases.

You can lear more about obtaining

dairy products through the State Services during the be sure CY Lists to application process. It is enough to Benin WhatsApp Number List apply and get a response. If the region provides for monetary compensation, then they immediately go to the State Services to receive money for dairy cuisine.



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In matters of how to get dairy cuisine, the basis is the conclusion of an agreement between the supplier and the clinic or social institution. It is enough for the citizens themselves to register for the dairy kitchen through the State Services or in another way. Upon the submitted application, a set will be in accordance with the approved list.

Issuance rates

Enrollment in the dairy kitchen takes place in accordance with the existing status of the recipients, as well as in the direction of doctors who believe that the patient needs additional nutrition. In 2019, the general recruitment list includes.


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