What do you need to know to get started

Business where to start? What should I think about? Where to look for information? Can I do everything myself without leaving home, or should I ask a specialist for help with certain questions (if so, which ones?) So many different questions arise for us when we start thinking about creating a company. Today, we will try to answer all these questions with Indre GendroliĆ«te-Geruliene – Head of Regional Projects of the Innovation Agency (former “Verslias Lietuvos”). Together with Indre, we will also discuss such things as establishing a company, registering a name, opening a business account, the most common mistakes that businesses make and how to avoid them.

Starting a business

What should we think about when Where to look for information? Business idea and its search Start with yourself at the very beginning of your business. Refine your strengths, existing competencies, weaknesses and strengths. Also, check your idea. We should do this not only with our loved ones, but also with complete Algeria WhatsApp Number List strangers who will be able to look at it critically. The business plan is the next step that is very important not to miss. It will give you the opportunity to assess threats and risks. Choice of business form It is important to choose the right form at the beginning of the business. There are two main options: self-employment or company formation.


A company name

What should we know about registering. Do we need to know something about the company headquarters and the selected address? First of all, the name should be simple, uncomplicated, easy to remember for your client . Then, having already invented the name, you should check it in the register of legal entities, in the register of trademarks, in order to find out that no one has such a name and no one has CY Lists registered it. Also, the choice of domicile address can be your or your relatives’ home. The most important thing is to have the consent of the owners of that place of residence. Establishing a company on the Internet – is it possible? Is it easy or risky? The establishment of a company electronically is probably the most common choice these days . You should not bother physically preparing documents, but use all the available and convenient services that are provided on the Internet. Before registering a company online, it is important to prepare the following things.

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