Business loans: the (un)easy path to bank financing

The topic of business loans is particularly relevant for all businesses, only those who are just considering. Starting a business , as well as businesses that have been operating for several years . Research commissioned by Swedbank shows that as many as 51% of small businesses finance their activities. From their own funds and do not apply for financing from banks. Such decisions are often determined by a lack of information. As stated that they do not know what criteria must be met by a company seeking external financing. Thus, it seems that the lack of information may be related to small businesses not always taking advantage of external financing opportunities.

Swedbank’s small business

Today, together the head of clients and marketing department, we are talking about when you should start thinking about a loan for your business, what you need to assess yourself ank and what it looks like in general to grant a business loan. What should you consider before applying Albania WhatsApp Number List for a business loan? The first point we need to realize before applying for a business loan: you don’t need to think about the bank – you need to think about your business and assess yourself from where the need for financing arises: When do we apply as a business for start-up funding? From the  lack of working capital.


The lack of working capital

can be felt in cases where, for example, we face rising cost and need. Funds to buy and store product, when suppliers set shorter payment terms and buyers ask for longer delays. We must clearly name when applying for a business loan. Out of need to invest. For example, for the purchase of equipment or premises, which requires a business loan. In the case of investments, it is important to name not only what kind of investment you CY Lists want to make, but also what added value it will create for the business. When we already understand what the need for business financing comes from, then let’s name ourselves: what is the total amount needed.

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