When you need to change the old file to the new file

There are many reasons why citizens need to renew their passports

Immigration legislation does not provide for a procedure for renewing an international passport. It coincides with the initial acquisition process when new documents are . Consider what it takes to reissue a travel document.

Reasons for changing passports

Obtaining a foreign passport is the right of any russian, not his obligation, just like changing passports in certain cases. But it is a mandatory procedure for those traveling abroad for work or other reasons.


Passports will definitely need to be replaced after they expire. In the russian federation, the circulation of both types is equal. The first design period is years, and the second design period is years.

The absence of blank pages in foreign passports for entering information Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List about crossing borders is another reason, even if the document has not .
After changing the surname and any information in the ordinary russian passport (first name, paternal name, date and place of birth, gender), it is necessary to replace the passport. Passport replacement is  upon marriage only if a woman changes her surname. It should be that you can go on a honeymoon trip immediately after


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registering your marriage with the old certificate, but the premise is that you have bought the ticket in advance, and the old passport has not expired, and you have not yet applied for a new russian passport. Received.


If you receive  a new

passport of a citizen of the russian federation (with a different surname), you cannot use the old passport to travel to countries with a visa regime.

The fundamental change in appearance is what changes all be sure CY Lists to documents that use photos as identifiers. It does not matter whether these events occur on one’s own initiative or are forced to occur.

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