How to write an application

No exact application sample for extended maternity leave. The text should contain the following:

Indicate in the “Header” of the application form the last name, first name, and paternal name of the director or other manager who has the authority to make decisions regarding all types of employee dismissals. Be sure to specify the exact name of the Finland WhatsApp Number List organization and the title of the authorized person.
Also, they explained themselves correctly in the request. It is sufficient to show that the applicant has compelling legal reasons for requesting an extension of the order. Indicate the

Exact end date of child care

At the end of the application form, indicate whether other documents confirming the right to rest are attached.
Sign and date the application form.


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Application to extend the decree for a maximum of years – samples
Registered in the database accountants filing documents can also advise on how to prepare the statement. Then you need to wait for the final registration of the application – the personal signature of the head of the company. Afterwards, an order to change the deadline will be issued. If declined, the employee will be notified.

What documents need to be collected

In any case, the management must collect the following documents to apply:

Birth certificate of the child;
Documents confirming the reason for the extension – documents required for long-term decrees (more than years);
Handwritten statements from sure CY Lists to the accounting department.
Depending on various factors, additional certificates and excerpts may be required.

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