How to get the vkk certificate

The certificate of the vkk (medical advisory board) is by the medical institution that held the research meeting of the child or mother’s disease. To appoint a committee there must be good reasons and by an initial examination of the patient (child or woman).

Diagnostic referrals and commissions can be from local pediatricians or France WhatsApp Number List therapists. Many instruments and laboratory tests are available for diagnosis. According to the results, it should be that the child should not be sent to kindergarten, as this would lead to complications of the diagnosed disease, and that the woman from a A

A disease caused by pregnancy and childbirth

It is entirely possible to extend maternity leave after a year, subject to the above-mentioned regulations. But in this case, you need to pay attention to the following important and interesting facts:


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The time spent at home can be by more than one year only with an agreement with the employer. The presence of good reasons and proof of medical institutions is not always a reason for changing the hours of rest and nursing care, since company managers mainly follow the guidance of article 1 of the labor code of the russian federation, but do not regulate it.

Employees can add vacation

time to annual leave they have not previously taken. If that happens, the accounting department will start paying the woman vacation pay.
The time may be on the child’s sure CY Lists to medical condition only when diagnosing allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases, psychiatric disorders, frequent seizures, and other serious conditions. In general, a woman’s illness does not justify an extension of the statute. An exception is the presence of malignancy.
Holidays should only be if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you may face failure and recovery problems in the workplace.

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