Benefit  for the third child at the age of one year

The russian federation is concerned with the country’s demographic situation.

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To pay when the third child in the family is bornone-time
Payments for having three children: up to years, up to years, payments up to-yearspayment
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Allowance up to years

The third child’s benefit for the year get a piece of land benefits for the third child ‘s home mortgage measures for families of third and subsequent children. Due to the decrease in the number of families of childbearing age, starting from 2011, the payment starts at the Georgia WhatsApp Number List birth of the first child. Therefore, the state appealed not to postpone his birth. After all, according to statistics, every year mothers decide to supplement the family with the birth of their first child later. Today’s age is – years old. The later the first child is born, the less likely it is that other children will appear.


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The state family support system includes federal, state and local measures to help families raise children. After the birth of the third child, the number of payments increases significantly.

Let’s take a look at what types of payments and benefits can be discussed when a family’s third child is born.

What to pay for the birth of a third child in a famil

With the third child, families can rely on federal and territorial benefits in the form of cash payments and non-monetary benefits: in the form of priority admission to educational institutions and provision of school vouchers sure CY Lists to form. Acquire land or housing.

In the vast majority of the country, the birth of a third and subsequent child forms the basis for the recognition of a multi-child family. This makes it possible to provide them with regional support measures.

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