If a woman’s working experience on maternity

The federal payment for the third child is not much different from the payments for the first and second children:

Maternity allowance;
Childcare allowance up to 1,000 years;
Lump sum payment for registration of early pregnancy\

Lump sum allowance for the birth of a child

Annual maternity allowance (maternity allowance). For the third child and previous children, a lump sum payment is made while on maternity leave. Its size was calculated by multiplying the average daily earnings over the past two years by the Germany WhatsApp Number List number of days before and after delivery. At the same time, the allowance is calculated and paid at each workplace where the woman has worked for the last two years.


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leave is less than one month, and her salary is lower than the minimum living security level, it is deemed to be equivalent to the minimum wage, and the allowance is calculated accordingly. As of 1/2/2019, in rubles.

Full-time students receive a stipend in the amount of the scholarship

Unemployed women who lose their jobs due to the liquidation of their organizations receive an allowance in rubles. It is carried out monthly in the social protection institutions of the population.

The lump-sum allowance for the birth of the third child is a lump sum payment to one parent at the birth of the first child and all subsequent children. It is equal to the ruble since the day of the year. Depending on the area of ​​residence, this amount may be increased by an area factor. Pay work allowances. If the parents are not working, it is paid by the social security institution of the place of residence.

Important! You can submit the documents within six (six) months sure CY Lists to from the date of the baby’s birth to receive the one-time birth allowance for the baby.

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