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Did you know that online shopping is booming right now.  Yes, online store sales are expected to grow this decade.  And to make it easier. For you to start a truly profitable business, in this article I have listed the main things you must know. What are the main e-commerce business models and what do you need to know about them. How to start trading online business models of e-commerce. So what and how to sell online and how to make money from it? I present to you the most popular online trading models that you should know.

Create a store and sell products

The simplest form of e-commerce that allows you to without even having them . Only after receiving the payment from the customer, the product is ordered from the supplier,. So there is no need to worry about managing.  After finding suppliers and having no products, she created an electronic store, accepted the first orders and started selling children’s furniture! Wholesale trade Wholesale and Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List 1 Million Package warehousing require a lot of investment in the beginning – you need to manage inventory and balances, track customer orders and shipping information, and invest in the warehouse space itself. In wholesale trading, you can work both with companies and with individual customers, thus maximizing earnings.



This business model

Very popular in Lithuania, because most companies engaged in retail trade find suppliers from other countries, but after finding a niche, such activities can be successful in Lithuania as well. One example could be the company , which specializes in clothing sales. At the beginning, this business does not require a lot of investment, especially if you sell handmade or custom-made products that are made only after the order is paid for. The main difference between retailing and wholesaling is that retailers usually buy goods from wholesalers CY Lists and sell the products in smaller quantities and at a higher price to the end user or manufacture them themselves.

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