What is it and how to become one

I have no doubt that you have heard the term influencer , otherwise known as opinion makers , more than once , especially if you are active in social networks. Or maybe you even thought that it would be fun to become one – to share your life, discoveries, experiences, family. Or use influencers to spread your business? After all, an influencer – what is it ? An influencer is a person who creates content on social networks, where he, unlike an ordinary user, creates an advertisement that convinces a follower to buy. In this article you will learn: What is an influencer and what categories are they divided into: mega influencer, macro influencer, micro influencer and influencer.

Become an influencer

Steps to – where to start and how to keep followers? What you need to know about being an influencer – pros and cons. Shall we start? Swipe down! Mega influencer – what is it? It is worth noting that there are a wide variety of influencers. One of them is a mega influencer. These are Bahrain WhatsApp Number List the most popular and most followed social media creators that reach the most diverse audiences and different types of people. Such persons are usually actors of famous films, music artists, creators of popular brands, etc. Macro influencer – what is it? Macro influencers have slightly fewer followers than mega, but still a lot, from 100k to 1 million.


Creating vlogs on social networks

Usually become famous by , especially in Lithuania and on television channels. According to the latest data of the Lithuanian influencer ranking, the most famous Lithuanian influencers on Micro-influencers are often the choice of already well-known local companies to promote their products or services. Namely, one of my podcast interviewees, can safely call herself a micro-influencer. She has almost 25 thousand followers on her Instagram profile and tells them about motherhood and the business she is growing – a creative/meeting space. A person with such a number of followers usually reaches a very specific audience with CY Lists his account, such as the manager of a local hairdresser, a deputy of a school or an organizer of some initiative.

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