Payment at the time of registration

The amount of the subsidy is equivalent to the minimum living. A guarantee standard for each child in the second quarter of the previous year. It has its own in each region. The amount putin pays for the children of , , , , etc. Is equal.

To receive a putin allowance for the birth of a third child, per capita income must not a multiple of the region’s minimum wage. By 2020, the minimum wage standard will be to 200 times.

Read the article, “Presidential payments at birth: who can get it, how to apply, how much to pay” for more information.

Lump sum payment

The state duma a draft law amending and supplementing the federal law “On additional state support measures for families with children” in 2009. At that time, the period of provision of fertility capital was coming to Greece WhatsApp Number List an end, not fertility capital. , assigning a reward of 10,000 rubles for the birth of a baby

However, the draft law was for several reasons and no further changes were made.


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Fertility capital payments have been several times and continue to this day.

within the first week of pregnancy

One-time payment – to improve healthcare and early pr fore weeks of pre al to rubles, and can be by regional sure CY Lists to factors. This type of help is only for mothers.

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