The social security institution or the employer

Certificate issued by the registered clinic before the child is one month old;
Free-form statement.
pays at the same time as the maternity benefit.

If documents are submitted later, women will be able to receive benefits the day after submitting proof and application to the relevant authorities.

Monthly payments for three children: up to years, up to years, payments up to -years
Monthly payments can also be divided into categories based on the age of the children.

Payment terms up to one year

Payments are made on a regular basis. The amount of child allowance for the Guatemala WhatsApp Number List third child depends directly on the amount of the beneficiary’s income before the holiday.

% of wages paid by the employee. However, the law stipulates a limit, and the maximum amount shall not exceed rubles. Years per newborn per month


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The unemployed pay for the second, third and subsequent children, rubles. Per month. The allowance for the first child is in rubles.

When two children are born, the allowance is doubled as % of the mother’s salary. If the parents have one or more children, the amount of subsidy for raising children under the age of 10 should still not exceed % of the mother’s salary.

Who can receive benefits?

Not only mothers of children, but also fathers, guardians, non-working relatives who care for children, female contract soldiers and other relatives are entitled to benefits.

The benefit is paid by the employer or social security, depending on whether the recipient worked before the holiday.

Important! If the beneficiary is part-time and works sure CY Lists to from home, the benefit will remain.

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