Children whose parents do not pay child support

If the maternity leave coincides with the leave to care for a child under the age of 10, the mother must choose which benefit to receive.

You can receive benefits by filing within (six) months of the date your infant turns (one and a half) years old.

Allowances up to the third child up to the age of 3 are by law at regional level. It was by the presidential decree “On measures to implement population policy in the russian federation”.

The document proposes that

regional authorities should institute grants for the third and subsequent children until they reach the age of 10, if the Honduras WhatsApp Number List income of each family member is below the level set by the region. By 2010, the program will cover 6 regions of russia.

Areas in the program pay benefits at least every three months. The recipient can be one of the parents (guardians). The subsidy amount basically does not the minimum living standard.

up to the age of 20 by the federal authorities is in rubles.


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Interesting! In the states, child benefits are only to low-income citizens and individuals.

Benefits up to () years
Such payments are by state entities from the regional budgets.

The monthly allowance for children under the age of 10 (including the third child) is applicable to families whose per capita income is lower than that stipulated in the region. The amount of payment varies, but cannot be higher than the subsistence allowance standard in the region.

Children of single parents are paid up to times the minimum

Children of the military – up to times the minimum wage;
– up to times the minimum wage.
Each region decides the subsidy amount independently. It sure CY Lists to all depends on the possibilities of the budget in the area.

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