The regional payment of the third birth assistance

When the third child is born, the mortgage benefit period will be extended to years. If another child is born, it may be extended, but the total period shall not exceed one year.

To qualify for a mortgage, you must meet the following requirements:

Housing must be purchased from legal entities on the primary market;
The cost should not exceed ten thousand rubles. (moscow and st. Petersburg) and ten thousand rubles. For other areas;
Down payment %;
Loan must be repaid in equal installments;
Apartment and borrower are insured throughout the duration of the program;

Availability of proof of income for family members

; year for break-even activities).
If the family already has a mortgage, the loan Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List can be refinanced on the same terms upon the birth of the second and third children. This opportunity is offered only once.

Tax relief
The standard tax relief for the third child is rub. Per month. However, its final amount will depend on the number of children in the family, including joint children, who are required to participate in their upbringing.


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If there is a child, the tax reduction is , rubles. (1st and 2nd child each, rubles, 3rd child, rubles).

The tax deduction can be increased if the second parent forgoes the tax deduction in favor of the first. Or the case of a single parent in a family.

Parents are entitled to the deduction until the child reaches the age of 10 or in the case of full-time education.

 China only pays stipends to parents of one child

Therefore, the birth rate in the country is limited.


Unfortunately, the status of extended family often comes with the recognition of low-income families. To do this, each member must earn less than – times the minimum wage. In this case, families start to get extra money for their children.


President vladimir putin launched a demographic plan sure CY Lists to with monthly payments not only for the third child, but also for children up to the first two years of age.

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