Gomama member book recommendations for 2021

Summer is the time when we slow down and try to devote more time to ourselves, family and books.  And books add a kind of charm to the summer. As we share the books we’re reading every month at the Club, I want to share some of our members’ more noteworthy book recommendations with you too.  Here you will find the titles of the books and why our wonderful members recommend this book. If we get rid of limiting beliefs and believe in success.


Books for the summer

I’m only halfway through the book and I’m really looking forward to more practical tips on how to program our thoughts and create a new reality. The author of the book will help you understand how to find your true vocation. Instead of jumping from one idea to another. With Belarus WhatsApp Number List the help of exercises and real life stories, you can learn to avoid mistakes, increase your confidence, crush money blocks and turn your dreams into reality. Recommendation of member of  The Storyteller’s secret The Storyteller’s secret book recommendations , member’s recommendation.

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Ingredient for success

The author of the book tells the stories of various leaders who identify storytelling as a crucial. A good story can ignite action and passion, can fundamentally change the way people think and inspire them to pursue their dreams.  The easy and proven “It is easy to read, various life situations are mentioned, at the end of each chapter. There is a summary of the most important aspects of the whole chapter  it is like a memory and is a part CY Lists of the pact. How to form a habit so that it finally becomes that good and real habit in everyday life.

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