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we talk about Magento we are referring to Magento 2, the most modern, efficient and high-performance version of the CMS. Those who already have an e-commerce with Magento 1 will have to consider migrating to the new version or changing platforms, since updates and support for version 1 ended in June 2020. For example, we talked at length aboutMigration from Magento to Shopify, dedicating a real saga to him. We believe it is really important to consider this Saas as a new e-commerce platform also for ease during the migration phase. Shopify

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e-commerce Shopify is the new entry in the e-commerce world, an effective all-in-one solution that has become popular in a very short time thanks to its simplicity of startup and management. Shopify allows you to create flexible and high-performance e-commerce, e-commerce that is easy to manage and navigate. The development times b2b email list  of an e-commerce site with Shopify are much shorter than with Magento but obviously individual cases must be evaluated in order to choose which of the two e-commerce platforms is the most suitable solution for you. Magento vs

quickly without necessarily contacting the webmaster every time. On the other hand, however, Magento, unlike Shopify, integrates planning tools useful for marketing. Multichannel Shopify wins this challenge since it has numerous native integrations thanks to the partnership with Facebook, for example, which allows you not to have to leave the social network if you want to purchase CY Lists a product. Magento requires more study and research into a customized solution for multi-channel sales. Support and assistance Shopify is almost unbeatable with a personalized

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