Case Study 7 Lessons to 1 Million Monthly Visits

That’s not all. Despite not using outreach, it acquired links from sites like The New York Times and Forbes—on autopilot. How? I spoke with the co-founder, Sol Orwell, to find out. He shared the site’s entire approach to SEO with me, including how it recovered from a 90% traffic drop and how the business grew to over 30 employees. Here are a few lessons learned from a multimillion-dollar company. What does Examine actually do? Case Study Examine provides evidence-based analysis of supplements and nutrition through its team of researchers.

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Including PhDs in physiology, neurobiology, nutrition, and more. It makes money by selling a subscription service that gives you access to its in-depth research on executive email list health conditions and goals. So if you want to learn how to improve osteoarthritis, for example, you can access the most actionable and up-to-date research that exists online. If you were paying attention, you’d notice I already revealed some of Examine’s SEO secrets. But let me break down the seven specific SEO lessons you can learn from it: Lesson 1. Focus on relationships over link building Examine has received dozens of extremely high-quality links from The Guardian. How? Sol attributes it to a by-product of caring about people.

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Years before they ever got a link, and that person happened to make a connection with a writer for The Guardian and mention Examine to them—the writer loved what CY Lists they saw and now regularly links to them in their articles. Of course, Examine also needed to have content worthy of receiving these links. Relationships alone won’t build links for you, at least not the best links. But how can you build relationships that lead to backlinks? Mostly from meeting and assisting as many people as possible. One of the best ways to do that is by going to in-person meetups and events.

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