How to Start a Blog That Makes Money

Is your ideal niche not on the list? Check these things: Search for affiliate programs in your niche. A simple search like “board games affiliate program” should do it. See if there are enough products on Amazon you could recommend through an affiliate program (that are not excluded by the program). Look at other blogs in the niche and see if they run ads. If they do, check their organic traffic with our free website traffic checker. How to Start Their income will range from $0.01 to $0.25 per pageview from organic traffic per month. If they’re active on other channels, that’s additional pageviews.

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In your preferred niche and use a tool like Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to see sponsored links—these will be the deals you could potentially get as well. But what about executive data blogging about something you’re actually passionate about? Obviously, the best scenario is that your interests or hobbies match a profitable niche. Otherwise, it’s easy to lose interest in your blog. But you can also look at it in a different way. If you treat your blog merely as a business, you don’t need to be passionate about the niche in order to succeed. You can, for example, set up blogs in all of those niches and hire someone to create content. There are more than 600 million blogs out there (Web Tribunal).

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Of competition for what you want to create, so a good idea is to find a way to differentiate. Here are some ideas: Write from your personal experience – For example, people CY Lists could be interested in parenting product reviews from a parent with formal medical education. Cater to a specific segment – People with tight budgets, left-handed people, people with food allergies, etc. Cover complex topics in simple words – Oversimplified is a good example. Offer more thorough knowledge than others – For example, you can go really in-depth with your product reviews. Use a lot of custom visuals – Most people skim content.

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