Lead Generation How to Drive High-Quality Leads

The beauty of SEO is that searchers are actively looking for your product/service or the problem you solve. This usually means higher-quality leads, which makes SEO a fantastic lead-generation channel. However, it doesn’t mean you can create any piece of content, gate it, and hope that you drive thousands of leads to your business. The buyer’s journey is not linear – Nobody’s searching for a problem, discovering the solution. Lead Generation immediately jumping on a demo call, and converting into a customer. If you’re creating.


Content, your “leads” are early in the marketing funnel – They probably don’t know they have a problem or just discovered it. So while they can technically be company data considered “marketing-qualified,” the sales development representatives (SDRs) are going to find them of poor quality and a waste of time. (And these leads will wonder why SDRs are calling them!) That’s why, in this post, we’re going to explore a better way to generate leads via SEO. How to use product-led content to generate leads via SEO Product-led content weaves your product into the narrative to help solve a problem. It’s not a hard sell.

You’re not trying

To aggressively pitch your product. You’re still trying to provide helpful advice, with the exception of presenting your product or service as the best solution. Product-led content is the CY Lists main way we generate leads and customers at Ahrefs. And it works: It works well as lead generation because: For most businesses, there is a group of people who are looking for solutions or ready to buy. These people make great leads. You’d want to target them first before going up the funnel. Our process of creating product-led content mainly targets such keywords. Product-led content shows your product or service in action. It encourages a simple next step for them to sign up for a trial, demo call, or more.

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