If the employer does not meet this requirement

The shall bear the administrative responsibility in article no. 1. Article 1 of the code of administrative. Offenses of the russian federation (evading the drafting of an employment contract or drafting. A civil law contract that actually regulates the labor relationship between. The employee and the employer). This paragraph provides more: what are the penalties for employees.

Liability for failure to sign an employment contract is. Therefore stricter than liability for breach of the duty to keep workbooks.

Consequences for the worker

At the same time, the employee cannot be Armenia WhatsApp Number List punished for the  behavio. since he is here not as the offender but as the victim. Improper performance of the above duties may lead to problems in the designation of his pension in the future.

It should be  that the legislator

gave employees the opportunity to protect themselves from such violations by their employers. In particular, he has the right to file a corresponding complaint with the state labor inspectorate and also to file a claim be sure CY Lists to in court (for example, the obligation t


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ofor penalties of up to 10,000 rubles for officials and entrepreneurs, and up to 10,000 rubles for legal entities. impose a labor contract on the employer.

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