What are the benefits of adoption?

Adoptive parents in the russian federation are to the same child benefits that the family at the birth of the child.

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Maternity allowance
Lump sum payment at birth
Care allowance for children under one and a half years of age after adoption
Maternity capital at adoption
Legislators provide such an opportunity because children who are into a new family need support just like other children. There cannot be any restrictions here.

Maternity benefits

Women who adopt children are with Australia WhatsApp Number List biological mothers. Therefore, have the same rights and obligations. There can be no exceptions in this regard. Therefore, she is fully entitled to the benefit.


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e she lives. For some women, the minimum wage is also in. See the benefit payment schedule and maternity benefit amounts in a simple chart.

Lump sum payment at birth

Each child has the opportunity to receive a separate lump sum payment. Its size depends on the age and physical condition of the child.

One-time payment for adoption of a child, transfer of a child under guardianship in rubles (if the child was born before the date of the year, month, day).

When adopting a  child or several children (children with siblings), children over the age of seven, each child is paid, rubles. If increased regional (northern) c

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