Scheduled content when most people are connected

I’m messing around. Today I want to talk to you about a very Spanish tool that I like almost as much as adding lemon to everything: accompany me? Scheduled content Yeah? Come on! The first time I heard about this tool, it was presented to me as a simple, blogger-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. From what I could understand, as I have tried to tell you in the introductory text, I intended to offer a simple and understandable web analytics solution for those who did not get along well with Analytics . In other words, if you only know how to add, why use a scientific calculator? If you don’t know web analytics and you just want to have an idea of ​​the volume of visits.

If you want to save yourself

From making reports every month for your clients. At least if you want to save a lot of time in that company data process of combining the results of your actions. Male Personal Shoppers. Yes, because of (put a small voice, please): “hey, are you metrosexual? Uis, that is no longer popular, I am metricool”… Hahaha. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Ains, really, it will seem like I have bought shares in this company but , if I’m honest, ( manic on the chest, the other raised, chin up, looking at the horizon, legs together, crushed egg, tight ass ) When they offered me to try it a while ago I didn’t know how well thought out it was . Today I am sorry, thank goodness I have recognized it. If you want to unify the data related to your inbound marketing actions (content and social) in a single tool.

Scheduled content will understand

Look at the benefits. Oh, what an instruction manual it comes with, how big it is, 3 legs are enough to CY Lists make a table… Take it now! What is it for? I know, but it’s the latest and the most…” Hey! Hello, say hello! How’s it going out there? Good? I hope so! For sure yes. Especially now that you know that in Murcia there is more than just lemons, right? Hahaha. Ains the one who got involved. Just so you know that I would have answered the same. I think there is no greater sign of self-love than laughing at yourself .

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