What uses can be given to Metricool

Ugh, this rhyme was really difficult for me, I pulled it out of my sleeve while I was eating a shortbread. I do not know… If it had stayed there, What uses can Metricool would already be providing a justified solution to the world of web analytics for two good reasons: simplifying web analytics for a majority that is unaware of the ins and outs of this science and, on the other hand, unifying data in a single tool. coming from your website and social profiles. But let’s not stop there, because we have at our disposal a content scheduling tool for our social networks . That is to say, we have a calendar where we can schedule content for our networks. The advantage is that the intensity of.

The blue of the scheduling

slots will tell us which times are best to publish , based on the activity history of our community. Thus, not only do we have an executive data orderly way of programming content, but we also have the advantage of data. At this point it may be a bit obvious, but well, for itself, according to, on, after, for, per… Aparán, Aperén, Apirín… Who might want to use this tool? Bloggers. If your knowledge of web analytics is not too extensive and what you.

Want is useful data such as which articles have been the most visited, which sources bring you the most traffic or how you have grown. Community Managers. If you want to visually and effectively program your client’s content in addition to assessing their growth and being able to deliver cool reports. Digital Marketing Consultants. If you want to unify the data related to your inbound marketing actions (content and social) in a single tool.

What uses can save yourself

From making reports every month for your clients. At least if you want to save a lot of time in that process of combining the results of your actions. Male CY Lists Personal Shoppers. Yes, because of (put a small voice, please): “hey, are you metrosexual? Uis, that is no longer popular, I am metricool”… Hahaha. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Ains, really, it will seem like I have bought shares in this company but , if I’m honest, ( manic on the chest, the other raised, chin up, looking at the horizon, legs together, crushed egg, tight ass ) When they offered me to try it a while ago I didn’t know how well thought out it was . Today I am sorry, thank goodness I have recognized it. 

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