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Because he knows that it is enough to enter the expression “war” in a search engine. Of vietnam”, to review what the body-count meant, the sinister statistic with which the most powerful army in the world plann to destroy the enemy – a very poor asian country – accumulating corpses day by day with arithmetic sadism in scarlet-dy jungles and austere and charr rice fields (convert into lunar surfaces by the craters that the insane bombings left), with the help of agent orange and napalm, fragmentation grenades and phosphorus bombs, and the firepower of rifles, machine guns and latest generation grenade launchers that the soldiers of that invading criminally exemplary democracy us discretion.

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That pessimist considers that right now, anywhere in the world, terrorism claims victims who do not know what the matter is about., and that in syria, at this moment, children are dying who have not yet had time to learn to express their suffering and fear with words, and that in africa, in the curs business email list geography of that horn of land forgotten by the infatuat civilization in the western world, dying simply because food and water are scarce is as normal as among the inhabitants of the opulent north, taking a nap after having eaten and throwing into the garbage can what becomes superfluous after hunger is satisfi. And, of course, this pessimist who appears in the haiku that benetti left us,

Competitiveness Is Bearing

Becomes fully aware, with equal dismay, of the least kind face of chance: that associat with natural catastrophes, diseases, accidents and evils of all kinds that occur in soon without anyone being able to give a rational explanation of its origin. This is being inform. And a person who notices the traveling carnival of meaninglessness CY Lists that runs through life, and, even more, who reflects over and over again on it, and who finds it painful to live in such a world, can be said to have become a pessimist, then of having come to life equipp with the natural share of expectation, that with which we all come to this world, with that light of natural and candid optimism

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