Should I choose a foreign mba program or a russian mba program?

This is law, economics, management and so on. He must also be a leader, mentor and motivator all in one. An mba is not obtained in a complicated way, but by acquiring individual subjects. This is especially true for seasoned and experienced professionals who only feel a lack of knowledge in a certain niche. The most important thing to learn from an mba program is the ability to create and manage a business.

The first mba programs were launched in the united

states in the early 2000s. In russia, education became popular only at the end of the Canada WhatsApp Number List last century. On the other hand, we received an already tried and tested version that later began to focus on the specificities of national laws and financial sectors. The domestic mba model is much younger than the western


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model, as is the business itself, so it is impossible to definitively answer the question of choosing a foreign or russian education. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. What works in favor of the western model is the fact that the mba programs there are long established and time-tested, and the faculty is filled with professionals with many years of experience. We have far fewer experts like us. Teaching staff are sometimes younger than students.

This does not imply the incompetence of the first

In fairness, it should be noted that western education has be sure CY Lists to its own nuances. Their systems and methods may not always work in russia.

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