What small businesses need to know

There are really a lot of unknowns – and I speak from my personal experience and that of other Gomama members. Perhaps one of the hardest things we must understand, but often put off, is collecting payments from customers . It doesn’t matter if I sell my own or other people’s products, services or consultations – we want to look professional and ensure security and the simplest payment method for our customers. We are talking about this topic with Lina Tamute, representative of Swedbank and head of the fund management project group . With Lina, we will discuss which payment collection methods we should know. How to ensure security for our customers, what trends, and we will discuss which plugins to choose when creating our e-mail.

How important is e-commerce

Store and what we should know about it. Lina to today’s consumer? E-commerce has truly become an integral part of our daily lives. And it’s clear that the pandemic was the catalyst that contributed greatly to these changes. We see them continuing to grow. in 2021 population surveys show that even 86 percent of online shoppers intended to continue to maintain their Argentina WhatsApp Number List online shopping spending at current or higher levels after the pandemic. This means that newly discovered conveniences: unlimited working time, easier price comparison, convenience – become a habit. The main objections to why people didn’t buy online in the past are also diminishing significantly.


When we start our business

Lack of trust in the quality of goods sold online, the belief that buying online is not safe, etc. Online fundraising – what are the most popular e-solutions? for shops? The main online fundraising and payment methods are: Bank Link + payment initiation service. These are payment methods intended for customers of LT banks. The payer chooses the bank whose client he is, logs in and confirms the formed payment (Account to Account Payment in English). Online card payments . This is a settlement where the card number is entered and the payment is CY Lists confirmed with a bank-issued identification device (e.g. Smart ID). It is the most convenient way to pay for foreign payers, because you can pay with any Visa/Mastercard card: it doesn’t matter which bank or which country the card is issued.

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