What is business?

This is a for-profit activity. Different countries have their own legislation, accounting, taxation systems, etc. In some places they can be suppressed, in some places they can be diametrically opposed. For example, in canada and the us they are roughly aligned, but have nothing in common with russia. Therefore, education received in canada, for example, must be adapted to russian realities. For this, you will need to study additional courses in these disciplines at domestic educational institutions. Practice has shown that it is impossible to create a western-style enterprise on russian soil, because it will first be oriented to someone else’s financial system, and in fact, it will go bankrupt without starting to operate.

Interesting: what was the reason for the transition of the uk to the soviet education system?

The same is true of personnel management methods. Differences in the domestic legal Colombia WhatsApp Number List framework and mentality do not allow russia to adopt western practices. Many of them simply cannot work here. For example, in the west, managers and subordinates have a feedback form. It is mandatory to fill out, and its use is even regulated by labor laws. It is the


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manager’s responsibility to cooperate with subordinates only in these ways. This is not the case in our company. Generally speaking, this approach is only out of good intentions. This form is convenient on the one hand, but on the other hand, does it really affect the efficiency or productivity of labor? More likely not than yes. There are many other such examples.

When it comes to personnel management in the west, everything is more linear and standardized

Russian leaders were repeatedly rebuffed by their sure CY Lists to teams when they tried to introduce western models of controls, accounting, work processes, etc. This is due to a different mentality and has to be taken into account.

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