smart stock integrator

Those who work in sales know how important organization is. Knowing your customers is very important, but knowing your products is even more so. Those who work with stock know that an intelligent integrator not only provides security for selling but also helps to know which product is chosen. In the case of the automotive market, this is even more sensitive. Vehicles are expensive and very specific products, which the seller needs the information to be able to close the deal. Images, videos and available data can be the difference between the opportunity to buy from you or the competition.

What does a stock integrator offer

You need control of your stock to sell! While before a dealership was able to keep track of its stock using only documents and notes, and later, Excel spreadsheets , today the need for information is much greater. The required speed does not allow you to keep looking in folders for how Bolivia WhatsApp Number List many models you have of a certain car. To increase the demand for a tool, there is still the issue of web portals. Many dealerships advertise vehicles on different websites, and need an integration with them in order not to advertise wrongly.


The vehicle has come out of its stock

It may sound silly, but imagine a customer coming to you looking for a car that has already been sold? It affects your credibility. That is why integration is so important. It updates everywhere possible. Get to know Auto Leads Meet Auto Leads: Lead Force’s Smart Inventory Integrator! Lead Force is a digital marketing company focused on the automotive market, which develops tools to help dealerships on a daily basis. And one of these tools is Auto Leads, an intelligent inventory integrator designed to facilitate its CY Lists control, with useful features and integration with your website and the main web portals.

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